Congratulations to Dr. ZHENG Zibin, a PhD student supervised by Prof. Michael Rung-Tsong LYU, has been selected as the winner of the Faculty's Outstanding Thesis Award 2011.

Dr. Zheng's thesis, entitled "QoS Management of Web Services," proposes a set of methods to evaluate, predict, and manage QoS of Web services. Web service is becoming a major technique for building loosely-coupled distributed systems. Quality-of-Service (QoS) is usually employed for describing the non-functional characteristics of communication-based services. With the prevalence of Web services on the Internet, Web service QoS management is becoming more and more important. In his thesis, Dr. Zheng first proosed a distributed QoS evaluation framework for Web services, named WS-DREAM. He then presented several effective Web service QoS prediction approaches to overcome the time- and resource-consuming Web service evaluation tasks. Finally, he investigated optimal fault tolerance strategies for Web services based on the obtained Web services QoS values. He also conducted extensive real-world experiments and the resulting datasets are publicly released for promoting future research.