Biomedical Intelligence

AI in biomedicine is increasingly found in research and commercial use. There are two emerging markets: (i) personalized genomics and precision medicine, including disease prevention, prediction, early diagnosis and treatment; and (ii) clinical record systems, including electronic medical records and pharmacy prescription information and insurance records. This stream will study how to build intelligent biomedicine and healthcare applications.


Intelligent Multimedia Processing

AI and deep learning are driving intelligent designs of multimedia processing in the areas of digital image processing, face recognition, computer animation, human-computer interactions, speech and audio processing, computer linguistics, etc. This stream will study how to bridge AI and human brain functions and design models, algorithms, and systems for multimedia processing with high performance and high accuracy.


Large-scale Artificial Intelligence - Theory and Systems

A key to modern AI innovations is to deal with massive data at large scale. This stream will study the advanced techniques of realizing large-scale artificial intelligence from the perspectives of theory (e.g., machine learning theory, statistical inference, online algorithms, etc.) and systems (e.g., high performance computing, distributed storage, big data management, etc.).


Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics

AI has been increasingly used in manufacturing, robotics, and smart city development for building automated machines. This stream will study how manufacturing and robotics are integrated with AI to be used in different aspects of human activities. It will focus on the topics of mechanics, design and manufacturing, sensing and control, human-robot interactions, etc.


Study Scheme



B.Eng. in Artificial Intelligence - Systems & Technologies