Local applicants seeking admission on the strength of HKDSE examination results should submit their applications via JUPAS. Admission is based on the Best 5 HKDSE subject results with subject weighting applied.

Admission Requirements AIST
Minimum Level Subject Weighting
English 4 1.25
Chinese 3 1.25
Mathematics 5^ 1.75
Liberal Studies 3 1
Two Elective Subjects 3 #

^ Applicants with level 4 in Mathematics (Compulsory Part) and good results in other HKDSE subjects will be exceptionally considered on a case-by-case basis.

# The programme accepts any subject as elective. The preferred subjects include Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2, Information and Communication Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science.

Subject weighting of "1.75" is given to the Mathematics Extended Module 1 or 2; "1.5" is given to the other preferred subjects; and "1" is given to any other subjects.

In addition to the requirements above, bonus points will be awarded to the 6th and 7th subjects, if any.



Applicants seeking admission on the strength of qualifications other than HKDSE examination results (e.g., IB, GCE-AL, overseas qualifications) can apply through the following channels:

Applicants will be considered on the basis of their education background and academic achievements. To make the applications more competitive, applicants are expected to demonstrate outstanding abilities in English, mathematics and science subjects.

Please visit the website of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more details: admission.cuhk.edu.hk.


Scholarships and Financial Aids

Depending on students' financial situation, or their outstanding performance in academic or other areas, the Government and the University may provide various scholarships and financial aid schemes to support the student's learning in CUHK. Please visit the website of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at admission.cuhk.edu.hk/finance.html for the latest information.


Admission Overview

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For specific enquiries about our programme, please contact us at 3943 4269 / 3943 8412, or via email to ug-admiss@cse.cuhk.edu.hk.


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