CSCI3251 Engineering Practicum


Course code CSCI3251
Course title Engineering Practicum
Course description Industrial and professional workshops or seminars as required by the Major programme.
Unit(s) 1
Course level Undergraduate
Exclusion  AIST2602 or ENGG2602
Semester 2
Grading basis P/U
Grade Descriptors P (Ungraded Pass): Performance meets, exceeds or far exceeds expectation in relevant measurement dimensions; Overall level of competence: Moderate to High;
U (Failure): Performance does not meet expectation in most relevant measurement dimensions; Overall level of competence: Not reaching the basic standard.
Learning outcomes 1. Hand-on skills of engineering practice
2. Understanding the value of practical engineering skills and experiences
Assessment Others: 100%
Recommended Reading List To be determined by course teacher


CSCIN programme learning outcomes Course mapping
Upon completion of their studies, students will be able to:  
1. identify, formulate, and solve computer science problems (K/S); P
2. design, implement, test, and evaluate a computer system, component, or algorithm to meet desired needs (K/S);
3. receive the broad education necessary to understand the impact of computer science solutions in a global and societal context (K/V); P
4. communicate effectively (S/V);
5. succeed in research or industry related to computer science (K/S/V);
7. integrate well into and contribute to the local society and the global community related to computer science (K/S/V); P
8. practise high standard of professional ethics (V);
9. draw on and integrate knowledge from many related areas (K/S/V);
Remarks: K = Knowledge outcomes; S = Skills outcomes; V = Values and attitude outcomes; T = Teach; P = Practice; M = Measured