Placement and Internship

Work Study Programme (WSP) aims at allowing Pre-Final Year student to gain practical working experience in 12 months internship*. The programme normally commences in May/June each year. The company will provide a structured training programme, with proper supervision, by which the student can acquire a wide range of skills and be well exposed to practical working environment.

The Work Study Programme aims at:

  • Allowing students to gain substantial industrial working experience during their academic training.
  • Enabling student to build up human relation skills and appreciate how academic knowledge can be apply to the real world.
  • Preparing students to become a better professional engineer after graduation, which will eventually benefit their future employers and the society as a whole.


Important Notes for students on Work Study Programme:

  • To observe and demonstrate good work ethnic (e.g. punctuality, professionalism, accountability and etc.)
  • To complete the Work Study Programme. No withdrawal from the programme will be allowed without prior approval from the department
  • Student are required to complete and submit a written report (template can be download from pip website: within one month after the completion of the training.
  • A 1 credit course ENGG1820A will be added to the enrolled student automatically in their returning semester. A suitable grade will be given depending on how well the student has successfully completed the whole programme. The department reserves the right to make the final decision.

To find the jobs in PIP system, please click here.

(Updated as of January 9, 2018)