Warp the City

Tien-Tsin Wong, Chi-Wing Fu and Pheng-Ann Heng. "Warp the City", Technical Slide, SIGGRAPH'99.



McMillan proposed a pixel-by-pixel warping technique for view interpolation, The visibility is solved WITHOUT depth-buffering. However it does not work for arbitrary triangles (if we subdivide the image into triangles), hence cannot utilize the rendering hardware to speedup the warping. We propose a triangle-by-triangle image warping technique derived from epipolar geometry. By drawing the triangles in an order determined by topological sort (O(n)), the visibility problem is solved WITHOUT depth-buffering. We also generalize the warping technique to cylindrical panorama. The slide shows three frames extracted from the interpolation sequence. Note how the visibility is correctly solved for the moving buildings.

Hardware: Any UNIX platform.
Software: Experimental image warping prototype

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