Visual comparison for scene "checker45"

The images are ranked by the pixel error in luminance as in the paper. A 24-bit display is better for viewing the following images.
"Correct" image.
No error
Hammersley points with p1 = 2.
Mean(|E|)=0.0101, S.D.(|E|)=0.0264
R.M.S.(E)=0.0282, Max.(|E|)=0.3882
multi-jittered sampling, n=4, N=16.
Mean(|E|)=0.0103, S.D.(|E|)=0.0270
R.M.S.(E)=0.0289, Max.(|E|)=0.3686
Hammersley points with p1 = 3.
Mean(|E|)=0.0106, S.D.(|E|)=0.0274
R.M.S.(E)=0.0294, Max.(|E|)=0.4431
Halton points with p1 = 2, p2 = 3.
Mean(|E|)=0.0114, S.D.(|E|)=0.0287
R.M.S.(E)=0.0309, Max.(|E|)=0.3882
Halton points with p1 = 2, p2 = 7.
Mean(|E|)=0.0131, S.D.(|E|)=0.0289
R.M.S.(E)=0.0310, Max.(|E|)=0.4118
jittered sampling, 4x4.
Mean(|E|)=0.0131, S.D.(|E|)=0.0332
R.M.S.(E)=0.0357, Max.(|E|)=0.3765
Poisson disk, d = 0.2.
Mean(|E|)=0.0133, S.D.(|E|)=0.0332
R.M.S.(E)=0.0358, Max.(|E|)=0.4118
regular sampling.
Mean(|E|)=0.0138, S.D.(|E|)=0.0393
R.M.S.(E)=0.0416, Max.(|E|)=0.5059
random sampling.
Mean(|E|)=0.0185, S.D.(|E|)=0.0446
R.M.S.(E)=0.0483, Max.(|E|)=0.4000