Intrinsic Colorization

Xiaopei Liu       Liang Wan        Yingge Qu        Tien-Tsin Wong       Stephen Lin      Chi-Sing Leung         Pheng-Ann Heng

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 issue), Vol. 27, No. 5, December 2008, pp. 152:1-152:9.



Web-searched images Colorized result


In this paper, we present an example-based colorization technique robust to illumination differences between grayscale target and color reference images. To achieve this goal, our method performs color transfer in an illumination-independent domain that is relatively free of shadows and highlights. It first recovers an illumination-independent intrinsic reflectance image of the target scene from multiple color references obtained by web search. The reference images from the web search may be taken from different vantage points, under different illumination conditions, and with different cameras. Grayscale versions of these reference images are then used in decomposing the grayscale target image into its intrinsic reflectance and illumination components. We transfer color from the color reflectance image to the grayscale reflectance image, and obtain the final result by relighting with the illumination component of the target image. We demonstrate via several examples that our method generates results with excellent color consistency.




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