panoview demo version 1.0

Program code contributors:

Tien-Tsin Wong
Chi-Wing Fu
Wai-Man Pang


This program demonstrates the ability to interactively relight an illumination-adjustable panoramic image. Users are allowed not just to pan, rotate and zoom within an panoramic environment as in QuickTime VR but also to change the lighting condition interactively. As many web-based applications make use of panoramic image representation, the data size must be very compact. The compact data sets come with this package demonstrate the effectiveness of our compression engine so as to facilitate efficient data transfer throught the Internet.

System Requirement

Hardware: Pentium III or above, 128MB RAM.
OS: Windows 98/NT/2000, with OpenGL

Installation Instruction

(1) Download the InstallShield of panoview demo 1.0,
(2) Extract the files and run "setup.exe"
To execute the demo, Windows 2000/XP users have to change path to the install path to start the demo in command line. This is because the InstallShield cannot successfully set the working path for Windows 2000/XP.

User Manual

Toggle Direction Sign Relighted Scene Positional control select current light source Add/Delete light source Light color control Light source type Apply changes

Instructions: (Move the mouse cursor over the above interface to see the function of each widget)


Related Publication

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Contact Person

Tien-Tsin Wong (

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