Rolling Guidance Filter

(Oral presentation in ECCV'14)

Qi Zhang1      Xiaoyong Shen1      Li Xu2      Jiaya Jia1

1 The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong
2 Image & Visual Computing Lab, Lenovo R&T

Overview of our rolling guidance framework.

It is a very simple method that only requires iteratively invoking joint filter for a few times. The joint filter can be joint bilateral filter [1,2,3,4], domain transform filter [5], guided filter [6], etc.



Images contain many levels of important structures and edges. Compared to masses of research to make filters edge preserving, finding scale-aware local operations was seldom addressed in a practical way, albeit similarly vital in image processing and computer vision. We propose a new framework to filter images with the complete control of detail smoothing under a scale measure. It is based on a rolling guidance implemented in an iterative manner that converges quickly. Our method is simple in implementation, easy to understand, fully extensible to accommodate various data operations, and fast to produce results. Our implementation achieves realtime performance and produces artifact-free results in separating different scale structures. This filter also introduces several inspiring properties different from previous edge-preserving ones.


Additional Results


Snapshot for paper "Rolling Guidance Filter"
Qi Zhang, Li Xu, Jiaya Jia
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2014 (Oral Presentation)

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