JIA, Jiaya


Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fellow, IEEE

: leojia@cse.cuhk.edu[dot]hk



C.V. (updated in Jan. 2018)

Jiaya Jia joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in September 2004 as an assistant professor and was appointed associate professor and professor in 2010 and 2015. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He was a visiting scholar at Microsoft Research Asia from March 2004 to August 2005 and conducted collaborative research at Adobe Systems in 2007. He leads the active research team at CUHK, composed of students and research fellows in computer vision and machine learning, focusing specifically on image/video understanding, computational imaging, motion and depth estimation, practical optimization, and advanced learning for visual content. He focused on computer vision research and related algorithm development since year 2000.

Jiaya Jia is an IEEE Fellow. He is in the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI) and International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV). He served as area chairs for ICCV and CVPR for several times. He was on (technical paper) program committees of major conferences in graphics and computational imaging, including ICCP, SIGGRAPH, and SIGGRAPH Asia, and co-chaired the Workshop on Interactive Computer Vision, in conjunction with ICCV 2007. He received the Young Researcher Award 2008 and Research Excellence Award 2009 from CUHK. He and his students won the best paper award in NPAR 2012.

Jiaya Jia's research interests include computer vision, computational imaging, and machine learning. He keeps good relationship with industry and various research labs, and values practical techniques that can be transferred to commercial systems.

His projects were funded by Microsoft, Qualcomm, Adobe, Intel, NVidia, Amazon, Lenovo, Huawei, and several other companies. PhDs and masters from this group made significant contributions to academia and industry, and become leaders in a variety of fields.


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6 papers in CVPR 2018.

Area Chair for ECCV 2018.

1st place in COCO Instance Segmentation Challenge 2017 and 2nd place in COCO Detection Challenge 2017 (Team Name: UCenter).

8 papers in ICCV 2017 with 3 oral presentations.

1st place in ImageNet Scene Parsing Challenge 2016 with the paper PSPNet presented in CVPR 2017.

Area Chair for CVPR 2017 and ICCV 2017.

Now the robust, fast, and free single-image blur removal software incorporates all our techniques.



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