Prof. K.H. Wong's MSC research projects  (CMSC5720/1)

  K.H. Wong, (updated 2021 Sept. 4)

Publications, demo

Guidelines for performing research in CMSC5720/1
Normally,  meet the supervisor weekly (or biweekly) face to face or by Internet-Zoom, the Zoom link can be found in the course page at .
Send 1-2 page weekly report (through the "Weekly report assignment" in the course content of the course page at to the supervisor to discuss your ideas and work achieved.
CMSC7250 (Term1): total 13 weeks
4 weeks: Define details of the project and write plans for the rest of the term.
4 weeks: Literature search and testing of open source programs related to the work.
4 weeks: Develop your own program, can be an integration of open source routines/libraries from others.
1 week:  Report writing and presentation preparation.
CMSC7251 (Term2): total 13 weeks
3 weeks: Improve work in the first term. Add original features that different from others to the project.
3 Weeks: Enhance efficiency, add extra capabilities and features to the project.
4 Weeks: Testing of the system and analysis of data. Increase robustness and accuracy. 
3 Weeks: Final Report writing, presentation preparation and rounding up.

Research and Thesis Writing

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2020-21 MSC_projects for CMCS5720(term1) and CMCS5721(term2) :