Prof. K.H. Wong's Mphil/PhD research projects

  K.H. Wong,


2013 July

Vision Research Demos

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Mphil projects
Funded Projects
RGC funded project (from Aug 2004, project no. CUHK4204/04E, HK$339,414) :
Title: Model reconstruction for computer game develop

The work  desrcibed in this page was supported by a grant from the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (Project Number. CUHK4202/04E)

Direct Grant from The Engineering Faculty, CUHK (from 1 Nov 2005, project ID. 2050350 HK$65,360) :
Title: Camera array for model reconstruction and pose estimation

Current projects of myself and graduate students

I am also interested in a number projects related to the Internet, computer vision and system programming. Here are some examples:


These titles are just some suggestions, I urge you to contact me (Rm907, X8397, khwongcuhk) in person to discuss about the possible projects.
Computer vision and virtual reality research
Hardware and robotics Music and audio signal processing


Computer vision and virtual reality research

Title(Mphil or PhD)

Hardware and robotics
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Music and audio signal processing
Since I myself is a music lover and play a few musical instruments, it is natural that I do try to involve my research with music related projects so as to play and work at the same time, and why not? I hope other music lovers would also join with me to work as well as enjoy in the wonderful world of music.

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