Thanks My Mom, Dr.Heng, TT and my friends in CUHK

- Thanks Dr.Heng for delivering this speech for me in the ceremony (I was studying for my PhD in IU (US) during this ceremony)

Studying M.Phil is not solely an individual work. This involves care, advices, comforts, supports, collaboration and entertainment as well. Again, getting this best thesis award is not solely upon my own, it involves my family's care, my supervisor Dr.Heng's advices, my collaborator TTWong and my friends' supports.

During my past two years' M.Phil study, I remembered everytime I returned home late at night, my mother always prepared some food ahead in the microwave oven. My empty stomach got refilled everytime after my research work. I missed my mom's food and my mom's care. I remembered Dr.Heng's advice and comfort. Everytime my paper got rejected or my application failed, he still said, "Don't mind it. If something is yours, it will be yours.". And everytime I have a new idea, he would encourage me and say, "You may try.". This is unforgettable. I think all Dr.Heng's students would know. I missed his comfort and advices. I remembered my collaboration times with TTWong. His hard-working and enthusiasm in research impressed me a lot. I remembered my times in Room 1026 and the CS department. During these two years, we had fun in games (Warcraft, Starcraft,...) together, discussed about our supervisors together, played basketball in LingNan court together, had meal together, shared joy and tears together, ... I won't forget my times with Peter, Oldfield, Ken Chung, P.K. Tsang, Keung, Thomas, Fei, Raymond, Cheung Chi Chui, Michael, William, Clara, ...