CSC6480: Advanced Topics in Network Analysis

Instructor: John C.S. Lui

Topical lectures. Course Grades: To be decided.

Course Schedule: Thursday 9:30 AM to 12:15 PM (HSH Room 121),

Lecture Notes

Introduction (Course Introduction)

Network Calculus (Introduction to Network Calculus)

Introduction to Game Theory

Network Utility Maximization (Frank Kelly's formulation)

Introduction to ALOHA Wireless Networks (ALOHA Wireless Networks)

Introduction to Routing and Congestion Control (Flow Deviation Algorithm and Joint Routing and Congestion Control)

Homework 1 (Deadline: March 6, 2008.)

Homework 1 (Deadline: March 28, 2008.)

Suggested Presentation Papers:

"A scalable network resource allocation mechanism with bounded efficiency loss", by R. Johari and J.N. Tsitsiklis. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 24(5):992999, 2006.
(selected by Mr. Ma Man Lok and Mr. Wan Wing San) Presentation Slides

"Competition in wireless systems via Bayesian interference games". by S. Adlakha, R. Johari, and A. Goldsmith.

"Network Neutrality and Provider Investment Incentives", by John Musacchio, Galina Schwartz, and Jean Walrand.
(selected by Q. Wang and Y.Z Wang) Presentation Slides

"Base Station Association Game in Multi-cell Wireless Networks", by Libin Jiang, Shyam Parekh, and Jean Walrand.
(selected by Mr. Lau Chi Leung) Presentation Slides

"The Price of Anarchy in a Network Pricing Game", by John Musacchio and S. Wu.
(selected by Shi XinGang and Lu Jia) Presentation Slides 1 , Presentation Slides 2

"A Game Theoretic Model for Network Upgrade Decisions", by John Musacchio, Jean Walrang and S. Wu.
(selected by Bridge Zhao and Q.H. Li) Presentation Slides

"DARWIN: Distributed and Adaptive Reputation mechanism for WIreless ad-hoc Networks", by Juan Jose Jaramillo, R. Srikant.
(selected by Chen Xiaowei and Cheung Siu Ming. Presentation on May 15, 2008) Presentation Slides