CMSC5735: Advanced Topics in Cloud Computing

Classroom: Starting Jan. 8th, 2018:

Instructor: Prof. John C.S. Lui

This course provides an introduction to cloud computing, spark systems, key-value stores, AWS, virtualization, containers, dockers, microservices on docker, cloud infrastructures, cloud security, together with some advanced research topics in data center networks designs, Internet traffic management, distributed computations, file system support. Students need to have a good background in distributed systems, networking, algorithms and operating systems.

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References: All materials will be provided via the course's homepage and related papers.

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Lecture Notes: (Password Protected)

Short Introduction of Python
Distributed File Systems
MapReduce Programming
Introduction PIG
Introduction to Spark
Key-Value Stores Technology
Introduction to AWS (To be presented)
Virtualization: Containers, Docker and microservices
Threat Modeling and Cloud Security
Data Security, Differential Privacy and EC2 Attack

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Project: TBD ; (Deadline: May XX, 2018, XX:XX PM)