Distributed Systems and Networks (CEG4430)

Student/Faculty Expectations on Teaching and Learning

Instructor: Dr. John C.S. Lui

topics: Despite of the title of this course (e.g., distributed systems blah blah blah...), this course is really about computer networks. Topics include network foundation, direct link networks, packet switching network, internetworking, end-to-end protocols, congestion control and resource allocation, network analysis and designs, networking security,...etc. In this class, we will have some programming assignments and a large scale project. The goal of these assignments and project is to make sure that we understand and know how to build Internet application from some fundamental building blocks.

Last but not least, I like to emphasize that students need to have a strong background in the C (or C++) programming language before taking this class. My personal view about C (or C++) is that it is a practical, useful, and one of the most popular programming language for system building in the computer industry. Students are strongly advised to know and be proficient in the C (or C++) language before taking this class.

John C.S. Lui

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