chuckjee @ cse

Dr. CHAU Chuck-jee

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CUHK
Computer Music Researcher and Educator / Collaborative Pianist and Percussionist


PhD (CSE), MA (Music), MSc (CSE), BEng (CE), LRSM (Piano)

  • PhD in Computer Science and Engineering (HKUST)
  • MA in Music (HKBU)
  • MSc in Computer Science and Engineering (HKUST)
  • BEng in Computer Engineering (CUHK)
  • LRSM in Piano Performance (ABRSM)
  • ATCL Recital in Percussion (TCL)

I started my post as a Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2018. At the moment, I am mainly responsible for fundamental service courses. I have been away from CUHK for a dozen years for my postgraduate studies in HKUST researching in computer music, after finishing my undergraduate in CUHK Computer Engineering with a minor in Music. LinkedIn Profile

Early days in CUHK
  • CEG y03
  • New Asia College
  • Minor in Music and German
  • Number of MUS+GER courses taken may be more than CEG+CSC courses
  • Founding chairman of CUHK Philharmonic Society in 2005
  • Was in organizing committee of the beginning years of the Faculty of Engineering Annual Concert


Courses in CUHK

Before joining CUHK, I held the post of Teaching Associate at the HK University of Science and Technology for a few years. Here is a selection of courses I have been responsible for, especially in lab design and teaching:

  • COMP1001 (COMP101) Exploring Multimedia and Internet Computing
  • COMP1021 Introduction to Computer Science (Python)
  • COMP1022Q Introduction to Computing with Excel VBA
  • COMP3311 Database Management Systems
  • COMP3511 Operating Systems
  • COMP4441 (COMP342) Introduction to Computer Music
  • USTM17 Linux Networking Administration


Research Interests: Computer music, signal processing, audio engineering, music/visual programming, music technology

Other services