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CMSC 5743 Efficient Computing of Deep Neural Networks – Fall 2020

Lecture: M 18:30-21:15 Zoom:
Instructor: Prof. Bei Yu
Course Tutors: Yang Bai
Qi Sun


  • Oct. 13, 2020: Lab05 report and slides are uploaded.

  • Sep. 07, 2020: Slack discussion group is built up. If you haven't received the invitation link, please contact Prof. Yu directly.

  • Aug. 19, 2020: Course webpage is built up and the teaching schedule is online.

Course Requirements


Week Date Topic Lab/Tutorial Project
1 Sep. 07 L01 Introduction (slides) Lab01 PyTorch (report, code)
2 Sep. 14 L02 Accurate Speed-up I (slides) Lab02 Training (report, code)
3 Sep. 21 continue on L02 Lab03 GEMM (report, code)
4 Sep. 28 L03 Accurate Speedup-II (slides) Lab04 MNN (report, code)
5 Oct. 05 L04 Pruning (slides) Tutorial: OCR Model (slides)
6 Oct. 12 L05 Quantization (slides) Lab05 (report, slides, code)
7 Oct. 19 L06 Binary/Tenary Networks (slides) Tutorial: OCR Depolyment (slides)
8 Oct. 26 Holiday so no lecture
9 Nov. 02 L07 Decomposition (slides) Lab06
10 Nov. 09 L08 CNN Training (slides) Proposal Presentations
11 Nov. 16 L09 NAS (slides) Tutorial: Defect Detection
12 Nov. 23 L10 TVM Lab07 TVM
13 Nov. 30 L11 Hardware Systems: GPUs, CPUs, FPGA Tutorial: FPGA Deployment
14 Dec. 07 Final Presentations

Important Dates