Q&A Session

1. Are the designs required to be open-source?

Yes, per the request from our sponsors and the expectation that the contest will benefit the general community, we do require that all participants to make their designs open-source. This is mandatory if you wish to participate.

2. For the design, if we're using third party IPs that we cannot open-source as we do not own that IP, how does that affect things?

You may use third party IPs as desired, and you will only need to open-source your own design and reference the third party IPs that are used.

3. Are we suppose to travel to DAC to participate in the contest?

No, you do not need to travel to DAC to participate. However, if you are among the top three winners in each category, at least one member of the team is required to register DAC, attend the award ceremony, and give a technical presentation.

4. Our team is from XX (country or region). Can we participate?

This contest is open to world-wide participants. However, please note that our sponsor may have restrictions as to where they can ship the design kit. If you are from a country/region where they cannot ship, you will have to get your own design kit.

5. Can we have more than one team from the same organization?

Yes, you can have as many teams as you wish, but please note that we only ship one design kit in each category to one organization. Multiple teams from the same organization will need to share the design kit.

6. Can we add team members after the registration?

Yes, you can send us an email and update it.

7. Can a person participate in two teams?

Yes, as long as they are not in the same category.

8. Can I register one team for both platforms?

Yes, but you will need to register separately. The team name can be the same or different.

9. Will the training dataset released cover all the situations in your hidden evaluation dataset?


10. Will the sponsors take the design kit back after the competition?

This depends on an evaluation of your effort in the contest. At the end of competition we will require each team to submit their complete source code, no matter it works or not. If our sponsors deem that little effort is spent, you will be asked to return the design kit.

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