CUHK Theory Lunch

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fall 2016

The CUHK Theory Lunch is an informal weekly meeting. We discuss various scientific and non-scientific happenings over lunch, in preparation for a refreshing talk by a student, a colleague, or a visitor. The talks are usually informal, no need to prepare slides. Interruptions for questions and discussion are encouraged.

Feel free to join us if you are interested, and please drop us an email if you would like to give a talk. The talks are about theoretical aspects of computer science but we are also very interested in hearing about work in other areas and problems in need of solutions.

The talk starts at 11, and goes on for half an hour or 45 minutes, but never beyond 12, and then we eat lunch.

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date topic
Sep 9
Sam Wong
Tight bounds for approximate Carathéodory
Sep 16
Day after mid-autumn festival
Sep 23
Jeffrey Hon
Bregman divergence and convex optimization
Sep 30
Siu On Chan
On the largest simplex problem
Oct 7
Shashank Vatedka
Packing spheres in high dimensions
Oct 14
Jon Allcock
Oblivious amplitude amplification and linear combinations of unitaries
Oct 21
Cancelled owing to typhoon
Oct 28
Siyao Guo
Random oracles with auxiliary input, revisited
Nov 4
Huang Xin
Envy-free cake-cutting algorithms
Nov 11
Chihao Zhang
Approximate holant problems
Nov 18
Babak Yazdanpanah
On an information inequality conjecture
Nov 25
Chris Williamson
Sharing secrets infinitely

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