Course List (Full-time Programmes)

CENG5030 Energy Efficient Computing
CENG5050 Hardware for Human Machine Interface
CENG5270 EDA for Physical Design of Digital Systems
CENG5271 EDA for Logic Design of Digital Systems
CENG5420 Computer Architecture Hardware
CENG5430 Architectures and Algorithms for ParaIle Processing
CSCI5010 Practical Computational Geometry Algorithms
CSCI5020 External Data Structures
CSCI5030 Machine Learning Theory
CSCI5050 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
CSCI5060 Techniques in Theoretical Computer Science
CSCI5070 Advanced Topics on Social Computing
CSCI5080 Advanced System Security
CSCI5120 Advanced Topics in Database Systems
CSCI5150 Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications
CSCI5160 Advanced Algorithms
CSCI5170 Theory of Computation Complexity
CSCI5210 Advanced Computer Graphics and Visualization
CSCI5240 Combinatorial Search and Optimization with Constraints
CSCI5320 Topics in Graph Algorithms
CSCI5350 Advanced Topics on Game Theory in Computer Science
CSCI5370 Quantum Computing
CSCI5390 Advanced Topics in GPU Programming
CSCI5420 Computer System Performance Evaluation
CSCI5430 Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
CSCI5440 Network-on-Chips for Many-Core Systems
CSCI5450 Randomness and Computation
CSCI5460 Virtual Reality
CSCI5520 Foundations of Data Privacy
CSCI5530 Interactive Computer Animation and Stimulation
CSCI5550 Advanced File and Storage Systems
CSCI5560 Analysis of Boolean Functions
CSCI5570 Large Scale Data Processing Systems
CSCI5580 Online Algorithms for Machine Learning and Optimizations
CSCI6500 Seminars for M.Phil. Studies
CSCI7600 Seminars for Ph.D. Studies
CSCI8003 Thesis Research
CSCI8006 Thesis Research
CSCI8012 Thesis Research


Faculty Core Courses

ENGG5101/CENG5410 Advanced Computer Architecture
ENGG5103/CSCI5180 Techniques for Data Mining
ENGG5104/CSCI5280 Image Processing and Computer Vision
ENGG5105/CSCI5470 Computer and Network Security
ENGG5106/CSCI5250 Information Retrieval and Search Engines
ENGG5108/CSCI5510 Big Data Analytic
ENGG5189/CSCI6200 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
ENGG5202/ELEG5410 Pattern Recognition
ENGG5281/ELEG5310 Advanced Microwave Engineering
ENGG5282/ELEG5500 Nanoelectronics
ENGG5291/ELEG5610 Fiber Optics: Principles and Technologies
ENGG5301/IERG5154 Information Theory
ENGG5302/IERG5300 Random Processes
ENGG5303/IERG5100 Advanced Wireless Communications
ENGG5383/IERG5240 Applied Cryptography
ENGG5392/IERG5040 Lightware System Tech
ENGG5402/MAEG5010 Advanced Robotics
ENGG5403/MAEG5020 Linear System Theory and Design
ENGG5404/MAEG5050/BMEG5120 Micromaching and Microelectromechanical Systems
ENGG5405/MAEG5100 Theory of Engineering Design
ENGG5501/SEEM5520 Optimization I
ENGG5601 Principles of Biomechanics and Biomaterials
ENGG5781 Matrix Analysis and Computations