Course List

CENG3150 Principles of System Software
CENG3430 Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems
CSCI1010 Hands-on Introduction to C
CSCI1020 Hands-on Introduction to C++
CSCI1030 Hands-on Introduction to Java
CSCI1040 Hands-on Introduction to Python
CSCI1050 Hands-on Introduction to MATLAB
CSCI1510 Computer Principles and C Programming
CSCI1520 Computer Principles and C++ Programming
CSCI1530 Computer Principles and Java Programming
CSCI1540 Fundamental Computing With C++
CSCI2110 Discrete Mathematics
CSCI2120 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSCI2510 Computer Organization
CSCI2520 Data Structures and Applications
CSCI2720 Building Web Applications
CSCI2800 Numerical Computation
CSCI3120 Compiler Construction
CSCI3130 Formal Languages and Automata Theory
CSCI3150 Introduction to Operating Systems
CSCI3160 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSCI3170 Introduction to Database Systems
CSCI3180 Principles of Programming Languages
CSCI3190 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms
CSCI3220 Algorithms for Bioinformatics
CSCI3230 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
CSCI3250 Computers and Society
CSCI3260 Principles of Computer Graphics
CSCI3280 Introduction to Multimedia Systems
CSCI3310 Mobile Computing and Applications Development
CSCI3320 Fundamentals of Machine Learning
CSCI3420 Computer System Architectures
CSCI3530 Software Technology
CSCI4120 Principles of Computer Game Software
CSCI4140 Open-source Software Project Development
CSCI4180 Introduction to Cloud Computing
CSCI4190 Introduction to Social Networks
CSCI4210 Reverse Software Engineering
CSCI4220 Introduction to Game Theory in Computer Science