Placement & Internship

The Department has been bridging the connection between its students and the corporations throughout the years. Students are encouraged to participate at the workstudy programme and more opportunities have been given to students for applying what they learnt in college into real workplace. Students would also have better understanding on the operation of business and the job nature. The workstudy programme has gained more support and involvement from both students and corporations.


Under the workstudy programme, students may apply to work in a corporate of selected commercial industry for a term or a year, and then return to campus to study for the final year. The work experience obtained from the workstudy has been approved by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers as one of the requirements for membership application. Also, students would have a good chance to be hired by their internship companies after graduation.


The Department has also been working with the Faculty of Engineering in the Placement and Internship Programme (PIP) to facilitate the matching of Engineering students / graduates to the industry for internships, summer jobs and full-time employment.


List of companies participated in Workstudy Programme and Internship (selected examples):