Alumni's Words

CHOI Fu Wing Harry
BEng 2009 (United College), MPhil 2011

Software Engineer
Harmonic Technologies (HK) Limited


My first impression on the orientation day for undergraduate admissions 2005 is that this Department is a wonderful place with nice people, and Computer Engineering is my first choice of JUPAS 2006. It is my honor to learn from this great family of friendly staffs and students, and I sincerely appreciate our honorable Department for her warm care! I think that there is a frequently asked question: why apply Computer Science and Engineering? To me, I believe that "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" and "no pain, no gain".


Our Department kindly not only improves our career prospects but more importantly gives students a lot of opportunities to make in front and put in charge, for instance, Departmental services and student societies. There is no honey moon in study, and engineering is no exception. Let us keep our eyes on the goal and our cool friendship. If we have tried hard in CSE then, I would like to quote from our former chairman's words: believe me, there will be a beautiful rainbow at the end of our journey, and you will find that it is both educational and worthwhile.

KO Hoi Fung
BEng 2008, MPhil 2011


Five years has past quickly since my first day in this department. When I was a secondary school student and got a chance to visit different laboratories of the department as well as plenty of interesting projects, the seeds of hoping to be part of the great creation and production sowed in my heart. After becoming the student here, I was so glad to make lots of like-minded friends who were as well my partners in different competitions. The Roboco Hong Kong Contest and "Intel Cup" Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest were especially impressive.


The two contests gave us a chance to solve problems using technology creatively and to get to know more about our contemporaries in other local universities and the tertiary institutes in mainland China, which was truly an eye-opener. These contests made us realize how important a strong knowledge base is to the practical challenges. Most of the problems we may encounter in the challenges can easily be solved if we understand the basic operation principle of the system. I do find what I have learnt in those years very useful.


In the years ahead, I hope students are able to realize their ideas in mind while learning in the Department of CSE.

LEUNG Kwok Shun
BEng 2010


I have been eager for campus life since I was in secondary school. I devoted myself into as many campus activities as possible to make the best of my campus life. Therefore, I joined the CSE society and was the chairman of it. The main duty of the chairman is to organize activities for CSE students. With the help and support from my committee members, the activities we held were no doubt a great success. I was so satisfied to see CSE students showing huge support to every function we held and was happy to make our CSE students getting more opportunities to get to know each other well.


At the meantime, I joined the Robocon Hong Kong Contest, of which took me a year to do the preparation. We CSE students and some mates from other engineering departments formed a team to produce 3 robots within a year mixed with sweetness and bitterness. At the end of the day, we were not awarded but we are pleased to see the progressive performance of the Robocon team of CUHK. It is so great to fight for a common goal with friends. I hope there would be more students joining the Robocon team in the coming years and try their very best for CUHK.

YU Tsz Ho
BEng 2007, MPhil 2009


Life in Department of CSE is challenging.


I still remember when we were struggling with our homework in the laboratory for nights: assignments on programming, designing small-sized robots, writing projects ... The laboratory of CSE was another home for me. This home was built by countless sleepless nights of doing homework, the harmony of having all kinds of fun and the strong friendship with the 'comrades' whom we fought the 'War of work' with. Though the syllabuses were not easy, I got something which I could put into practice in reality academically and on work from it. Meanwhile, I made wonderful like-minded friends who I can keep long. I guess that would be the reasons explaining why every graduate of CSE is so exceptionally unique to this field.


The department offers us numbers of outside-the-classroom experiences in forms of international contests, exchange programs, internship and so forth. I took part in the 'Intel Cup' Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest when I was in Year 2. This experience was indeed an eye-opener that gave me an opportunity to go to Beijing and Shanghai to learn and interact with students from renowned universities from all over China. Professor MOON, Yiu-Sang, my advisor of the master program, let me do my research in my own and free way. I was honored to have a chance to issue the conclusion of my research on international academic conferences in the U.S, Japan, Italy, etc. This extraordinary experience is without doubt very helpful for furthering my studying and developing my career.


The Department of CSE helps you pursue your dream. Are you ready to take this challenge?

MPhil 2008


I studied in the CSE department of the CUHK for the past five years. I remember that computer-related subjects were not my first JUPAS choice and I was admitted to Computer Engineering, which was my third choice. From the start I studied hard to obtain a high GPA as I was considering changing to another department. It was not easy for me to obtain good grades in the competitive environment that I faced and it motivated me to try even harder.


Someday in spring semester of my first year study, Prof. Moon, one of my course teachers and my MPhil supervisor, encouraged me to participate in Intel Cup, a contest held in Shanghai focused on application design in embedded system. I found it very interesting and I joined this competition with two of my classmates. Our application was a mobile fingerprint-based logon system. The original system took less than 1 second to execute on a desktop computer but 60 seconds on our mobile device. Prof. Moon stimulated our mind: "One computer, one application, how can you fit the application with the best use of that computer?" At that moment I realized the essence of computer engineering: make the best use of computers in constrained situations. Using numerous techniques, we optimized our design to finish the task less than one second on the mobile device, and were awarded a second class honor prize in the competition.


Just after the competition, I received a transfer offer from a top-tier program in the Faculty of Business, the one I originally desired. I struggled with the question since I now found Computer Engineering very interesting. After much thought I turned down the transfer offer and continued in Computer Engineering. I have now obtained both Bachelor and MPhil degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and will shortly work in an engineering company on video streaming.


Thanks to the CSE department and especially my supervisor, Prof. Moon, I have been given tremendous opportunities and support. I have participated in numerous oversea events, helped in coordinating teams for Intel Cup twice, and we finally won the Intel Cup Championship in 2006. This project was then presented as a business plan in the "Idea to Product" global competition, held at the University of Texas in Austin and drew attention from famous companies, such as PenPower in Taiwan.


We are currently living in a computer-aided world, I.T. will continue to grow, regardless of the economics. You cannot live without computers and computer technology cannot advance without computer engineers. If you are into creative thinking, the CSE department at CUHK should definitely be one of your top choices!

CHEUNG Chak-Chung Ray
BSc 1999, MPhil 2001

Assistant Professor
City University of Hong Kong


In 1995, the Form 6 orientation day in the CSE department helped me to make an important decision. At that time, I wanted to acquire any knowledge related to computers and Max, the advisor, told me that the CEG program is the most comprehensive undergraduate program in Hong Kong for young computer engineers. He was absolutely correct and CUHK became my first choice.


In the next three years of intensive undergraduate training, I not only studied theoretical computer science and practical engineering in a stimulating atmosphere, but also embraced the countless social activities provided by the CSE department, the ERG faculty, and the New-Asia College. All these experiences and solid training built up my confidence and provided me a substantial base to plan for the future. I was delighted to become another form 6 orientation group leader and help potential students make their decisions.


The two years master degree study in the CSE department had a profound influence on my attitude toward computers and knowledge. Apart from doing my own research, attending lectures from renowned professors and tutoring undergraduate students were two major highlights. I also realised that knowledge is built on top of people's past experience, merged with dedication and creativity. The CEG society is a major party which interconnects students of different years within the same department. I still remember I was invited to a UNIX talk which taught informative and handy UNIX scripts to our freshmen. That experience gave me a really good impression on how eager everyone is to help the year 1 students.


In the next two years, a junior instructor appointment enabled me to work and learn in the same department from another perspective. I was involved in developing courses for minor and year 1 students. That experience was really fruitful because preparing course work and examination papers are not the most exciting part of the job, but delivering materials for students to assimilate is very rewarding. I observed the excellent integration between different courses and the partitioning of fundamental training for each CSE course.


The theoretical and practical knowledge gained from my studies at CUHK was a solid foundation for me to continue my doctoral training. For instance, the first year hardware programming course CEG2400 taught me assembly language; the second year computer architecture course CEG3420 microprocessor architectures; graduate course rapid prototyping CEG5010 and computer-aided design CEG5270 introduced me to efficient FPGA programming and CAD algorithms. Each year, courses are improved based on student feedback.


Being a CSE graduate, I am grateful to our professors for writing me strong reference letters. They were very important for me to apply for financial support to pursue my PhD study at Imperial College and now my post-doctoral work at UCLA. Finally, I want to sincerely thank our department and all the people I have met throughout the years in the CSE department.