The Department has the following service laboratories for teaching, research and general computing:

  • Computer Game Technology Centre
  • Computer Network and Security Teaching Laboratory
  • Computing Laboratory
  • Digital and Logic Systems Laboratory
  • Embedded Linux System Teaching Laboratory
  • IBM AIX Center
  • Microprocessor Systems Laboratory
  • Silicon Graphics Visualization Research Centre
  • Student Project Laboratory
  • Sun Technology Centre


The department has the most advanced computing facilities including a Linux PC cluster, high performance UNIX workstations, more than 500 high speed PCs, wireless network and equipment for parallel processing, multimedia and VLSI design. All the machines are connected to the high speed departmental network backbone, and also to the Internet through the University Campus Network.


In the IBM AIX Center and Sun Technology Centre, there are high performance UNIX workstations installed for general computing. SGI and PC graphics workstations are also installed in Silicon Graphics Visualization Research Centre for teaching and research on graphics, visualization and virtual reality. Other specialized graphics and virtual reality equipments include VisionStation, BARON projection table, 3D stereo DLP projection system, magnetic motion capture system, 3D laser scanner and 6DOF Phantom force feedback device.


In the Computer Network and Security Teaching Laboratory, an isolated cluster of PC workstations, network switches, routers, firewall and VPN devices are provided for students to gain hands-on experience in setting up network equipment, Internet servers, and security services.


There are more than 50 Axis and Intel development kits for embedded system projects in the Embedded System Laboratory. In the Custom Computing Laboratory, advanced reconfigurable development systems including Celoxica Development Kits, CUHK Pilchard Boards and Altera Development Boards are available for parallel system prototyping research.


The Computer Game Technology Centre is equipped with high-performance PCs with the most advanced graphics and sound cards for modern computer game development. These machines are also installed with game modeling tools such as 3D Studio, ZBrush, and the MicroScribe 3D digitizer. Furthermore, input devices such as the 5DT Glove, Polhemus Partriot motion sensors, and Wiimote are also available for next generation entertainment technology research.


Students can also access the computing facilities of the Faculty of Engineering, the University Computer Services Centre, and the computing facilities in their own Colleges for learning and research.