Alumni's Words

YU Tsz Ho
BEng 2007, MPhil 2009


Life in Department of CSE is challenging.


I still remember when we were struggling with our homework in the laboratory for nights: assignments on programming, designing small-sized robots, writing projects ... The laboratory of CSE was another home for me. This home was built by countless sleepless nights of doing homework, the harmony of having all kinds of fun and the strong friendship with the 'comrades' whom we fought the 'War of work' with. Though the syllabuses were not easy, I got something which I could put into practice in reality academically and on work from it. Meanwhile, I made wonderful like-minded friends who I can keep long. I guess that would be the reasons explaining why every graduate of CSE is so exceptionally unique to this field.


The department offers us numbers of outside-the-classroom experiences in forms of international contests, exchange programs, internship and so forth. I took part in the 'Intel Cup' Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest when I was in Year 2. This experience was indeed an eye-opener that gave me an opportunity to go to Beijing and Shanghai to learn and interact with students from renowned universities from all over China. Professor MOON, Yiu-Sang, my advisor of the master program, let me do my research in my own and free way. I was honored to have a chance to issue the conclusion of my research on international academic conferences in the U.S, Japan, Italy, etc. This extraordinary experience is without doubt very helpful for furthering my studying and developing my career.


The Department of CSE helps you pursue your dream. Are you ready to take this challenge?