Alumni's Words

SO King Yan Oldfield
MPhil 1999

Vice Chairman
Hong Kong Linux Industry Association


I graduated in 1997 and I guess most of you would share the same feeling; I did not want to leave such a wonderful place at the time. So, I took the plunge and enrolled in my Masters studies. Of course, I did not make a wrong choice and I learned a lot during my stay in graduate school. Now, I'm working in a company specializing in Linux, and am a vice chairman of the Hong Kong Linux Industry Association. If you asked me why Linux, I would tell you that back in the summer of 1996, I was motivated by a final year project from Prof. John Lui. Being strongly attracted to the fun of kernel hacking with my close friend Peter Tam, approached Prof. Lui immediately after our examination fearing that someone else might take this project before we did. Later we found that no one else was interested. You're right, not everyone wants to be a kernel hacker.


At CUHK, you can find your way to your own unique interest and better yet, you have great opportunities and guidance to further develop it! It was definitely a very important first step.