Alumni's Words

LEUNG Kwok Shun
BEng 2010


I have been eager for campus life since I was in secondary school. I devoted myself into as many campus activities as possible to make the best of my campus life. Therefore, I joined the CSE society and was the chairman of it. The main duty of the chairman is to organize activities for CSE students. With the help and support from my committee members, the activities we held were no doubt a great success. I was so satisfied to see CSE students showing huge support to every function we held and was happy to make our CSE students getting more opportunities to get to know each other well.


At the meantime, I joined the Robocon Hong Kong Contest, of which took me a year to do the preparation. We CSE students and some mates from other engineering departments formed a team to produce 3 robots within a year mixed with sweetness and bitterness. At the end of the day, we were not awarded but we are pleased to see the progressive performance of the Robocon team of CUHK. It is so great to fight for a common goal with friends. I hope there would be more students joining the Robocon team in the coming years and try their very best for CUHK.