Alumni's Words

LAW Wai Hon
BSc 2012



Due to the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics (HKOI) I participated when I was a secondary student, I started being interested in computer programming. Also, I heard that the ACM-ICPC programming team in CUHK Computer Science is very energetic and lots of students are eager to program. I put CUHK Computer Science as my first choice in JUPAS.


Started from the first year with the ACM team, we practice problem solving skill and learn new algorithm knowledge, such as graph theory, network flow, game theory, number theory, dynamic programming and so on. There are too much to learn and I still have a lot to learn until today. Thanks to the support to ACM-ICPC from CUHK Computer Science, our team is able to compete in different contests in different places, e.g. Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Fu Zhou, Jakarta, Taiwan, Harbin, to name but a few. We exchanges with other top students from other universities during contests and those pieces of memory are unforgettable.


In addition, I have had internship in Microsoft Shanghai in the previous two summers. It was a nice chance to know and experience the operation and culture of the model industry. I learn from my mentors in the company to write maintainable code, the engineer best practice and the new technology.