Alumni's Words

LAW Sammy
BSc 2012


Two years ago, I was confused when I was deciding which university to apply for my non-JUPAS application. "What are the differences among different universities? Which is better?" Now, I know, I have made the right choice!


During my study in the Department of CSE, I gained invaluable computer knowledge and learnt coding skills. The skill set I learnt is very practical and is useful when I start my career in IT field. Studying in CSE gives me not only programming training, but also interpersonal skills. We seldom work alone; we discuss and explore things beyond curriculum with classmates, teaching assistants and even lecturers and professors. Moreover, doing group projects has benefited me a lot about team spirit. I learnt how to be a good team player as well as grasping the key features of a successful project.


With different kinds of facilities and resources, CSE provides us an excellent learning environment. For example, there are well equipped computer laboratories, which have greatly enhanced my learning efficiency. My favorite place, fun room, where I played TV games overnight with my friends, is always a great place to release pressure.


Besides academic issues, there are lots of activities which could enrich your university life. Sports competitions, CS Cup, ACM Programming Contest ... you definitely would not find boring in this family.


I believe, in CSE, you could find your interests and put your dreams into practice. Be brilliant, make your right choice!