Alumni's Words

KO Hoi Fung
BEng 2008, MPhil 2011


Five years has past quickly since my first day in this department. When I was a secondary school student and got a chance to visit different laboratories of the department as well as plenty of interesting projects, the seeds of hoping to be part of the great creation and production sowed in my heart. After becoming the student here, I was so glad to make lots of like-minded friends who were as well my partners in different competitions. The Roboco Hong Kong Contest and "Intel Cup" Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest were especially impressive.


The two contests gave us a chance to solve problems using technology creatively and to get to know more about our contemporaries in other local universities and the tertiary institutes in mainland China, which was truly an eye-opener. These contests made us realize how important a strong knowledge base is to the practical challenges. Most of the problems we may encounter in the challenges can easily be solved if we understand the basic operation principle of the system. I do find what I have learnt in those years very useful.


In the years ahead, I hope students are able to realize their ideas in mind while learning in the Department of CSE.