Alumni's Words

PhD 2004

AfforTech Co. Ltd.


Before going on with my PhD degree program in CSE of CUHK, I had already got a degree of Electronic engineering and applied Physics in other university. I studied in a research PhD degree program in CUHK, of which I attained some more comprehensive skills that help a lot in innovative invention. It doesn't necessarily imply everyone needs to graduate from this kind of research program before becoming an inventor. To be honest, inventive talent is not something that can be automatically transferred from one's degree to his brain, let alone attaining it simply through finishing a course or a degree. However, there is one thing for sure: For those who take their PhD degree program seriously, they would be doing great in their career, no matter they are inventive experts or not. I said this because every graduate are trained hard in the program.


I like to do research and to invent and that kind of things. Being an independent inventor without powerful background, the only way to turn an invention into product is to take out a patent on it, unless one doesn't mind his hard-won invention becoming the bastards' cash cow. Meanwhile, my dream is to set up my own world-class research and invention centre for the sake of contributing more to the tough problems like energy shortage, greenhouse effect and environmental pollution facing us human. I want to provide those independent inventors who are not doing easily with assistance in terms of technology and money. (more...)