Alumni's Words

SUN Haibin

Member of Technical Staff
Microsoft, Redmond, USA


I graduated in Year 2005 and I am now working in Microsoft at Redmond, USA. Life goes too fast to give me the opportunity of retrospect. But I really would like to take this chance and this special peaceful time to look back my student life in CUHK.


For me, the student life in CUHK did give me a lot of sweet memories. I lived happily everyday, learnt quite a lot of interesting, very useful knowledge and skills, and developed good appreciation of new culture. I am glad to share my experiences with others.


I think besides the advanced facilities and equipment in the department, and the high-quality academic environment, I would like to stress and appreciate the freedom atmosphere as one of the most valuable feature in the CSE department of CUHK.


New students in the CSE department are allowed to choose their academic advisor freely. There is detailed profile of each professor on the website. Students can freely stop by any professors' offices and talk whatever they want. Thanks to this great policy that I found an excellent professor, Prof. John C.S. Lui, as my advisor for my study in CUHK. During these years of study, there are many courses that we could freely take. Students could talk with the teacher individually about the courses they would like to take, and get valuable and constructive advice. They could also freely and confidently choose their research direction (not just menial programming work). More importantly, students may have different career design or dreams nowadays, and the department really appreciates such diversity that encourages them to take their own decisions and shows them the right way towards their career path.


Finally, I enjoyed my life very much in CUHK. I believe the freedom atmospheree is really one of the most important positive features of an organization. Not only to students, but there are many good and young professors who are willing to come and work in such a wonderful organization.