Alumni's Words

CHAN Tsui Ying
BSc in CS 2010


Time flies and this is already the forth year I have in CUHK.


It was the beautiful campus and the well-equipped computer lab. that amazed me and explained my decision of making studying in the Department of CSE of CUHK my first choice when I was a F6 student.


The professors of CUHK are friendly and are never tired of making the explanations on the syllabus detailed to us not only in class, but are also willing to discuss with us the technological knowledge beyond the syllabus after class as long as we ask. Living in hostel is such a wonderful experience to me. It is not a place simply provides me with somewhere to sleep. Frankly, it is my second home. The memories of shooting the breeze with mates in hostel, preparing meals together and urging the fighting spirits of one another made them my family. Amazing activities in hostel like 'Chinese dessert party', the Sports Festival and so forth are really the highlights of our campus life.


What is more, I was an exchange student in Miami, the U.S for 1 year. That was indeed a fruitful year considering my greatly improved English and having experience on different activities like Dragon boat race, Bamboo dance competition and live soccer games, of which are hard to have a taste of in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, I realized some differences on study culture between students of Hong Kong and the U.S. Hong Kong students are doing better than their counterparts in the U.S in terms of cleverness. However, our friends there outdo us concerning their spontaneousness of asking, answering questions and even challenging on those told by the professors. The students learn better and faster after having discussions. I do reckon thinking and discussions facilitate a solider foundation and make the use of knowledge flexible. Honk Kong students should not have taken what they have learnt for granted if they want to learn better and faster.


CUHK is such an amazing university. I hope you would join our big family and makes every day counts in here.