Alumni's Words

CHEUNG Chak-Chung Ray
BSc 1999, MPhil 2001

Assistant Professor
City University of Hong Kong


In 1995, the Form 6 orientation day in the CSE department helped me to make an important decision. At that time, I wanted to acquire any knowledge related to computers and Max, the advisor, told me that the CEG program is the most comprehensive undergraduate program in Hong Kong for young computer engineers. He was absolutely correct and CUHK became my first choice.


In the next three years of intensive undergraduate training, I not only studied theoretical computer science and practical engineering in a stimulating atmosphere, but also embraced the countless social activities provided by the CSE department, the ERG faculty, and the New-Asia College. All these experiences and solid training built up my confidence and provided me a substantial base to plan for the future. I was delighted to become another form 6 orientation group leader and help potential students make their decisions.


The two years master degree study in the CSE department had a profound influence on my attitude toward computers and knowledge. Apart from doing my own research, attending lectures from renowned professors and tutoring undergraduate students were two major highlights. I also realised that knowledge is built on top of people's past experience, merged with dedication and creativity. The CEG society is a major party which interconnects students of different years within the same department. I still remember I was invited to a UNIX talk which taught informative and handy UNIX scripts to our freshmen. That experience gave me a really good impression on how eager everyone is to help the year 1 students.


In the next two years, a junior instructor appointment enabled me to work and learn in the same department from another perspective. I was involved in developing courses for minor and year 1 students. That experience was really fruitful because preparing course work and examination papers are not the most exciting part of the job, but delivering materials for students to assimilate is very rewarding. I observed the excellent integration between different courses and the partitioning of fundamental training for each CSE course.


The theoretical and practical knowledge gained from my studies at CUHK was a solid foundation for me to continue my doctoral training. For instance, the first year hardware programming course CEG2400 taught me assembly language; the second year computer architecture course CEG3420 microprocessor architectures; graduate course rapid prototyping CEG5010 and computer-aided design CEG5270 introduced me to efficient FPGA programming and CAD algorithms. Each year, courses are improved based on student feedback.


Being a CSE graduate, I am grateful to our professors for writing me strong reference letters. They were very important for me to apply for financial support to pursue my PhD study at Imperial College and now my post-doctoral work at UCLA. Finally, I want to sincerely thank our department and all the people I have met throughout the years in the CSE department.