Alumni's Words

Cambridge Wong
BSc 1982

Managing Director
Wealth Bridge Asia Ltd.


Cambridge was a graduate of the first graduation year of the Department of CSE. The whole thing was no easy task since there were both 1 and 2-year preparatory course then. Cambridge chose the latter one but was not able to attain the offer he wanted after the exam. After working for a short while and self-studying for a year, he attained flying colors in the exam. Still, he was not able to make it as there were only 12 offers in the department that year. Cambridge said he was lucky to take a senior's advice to approach the university directly and was finally admitted, though the process was not without hurdles.


Cambridge worked in the EDP department of Jardine Matheson group and later in Digital, Town Gas, etc after graduation. Not long, Jardine Matheson group was to set up a foundation and Cambridge was recommended as a computer expert by his former superior to the group. He became the supervisor there for 16 years. Thanks to the restructuring of the economy and different enterprises, Cambridge proposed to the company the plan of privatization of the departments and services he was in charged of. The proposal was made based on Cambridge's years of experience and accurate sense to the market. It could then lessen the financial burden of the company whilst to give a chance for his team to develop their business. With the consent and support of the company, Cambridge kicked off his own business and it became a turning point of his career. Having several international financial institutions under contracts with him within only a year proved his insight and decision. (more...)