G-Miner: An Efficient Task-Oriented Graph Mining System


Graph mining is one of the most important areas in data mining. However, scalable solutions for graph mining are still lacking as existing studies focus on sequential algorithms. While many distributed graph processing systems have been proposed in recent years, most of them were designed to parallelize computations such as PageRank and Breadth-First Search that keep states on individual vertices and propagate updates along edges. Graph mining, on the other hand, may generate many subgraphs whose number can far exceed the number of vertices. This inevitably leads to much higher computational and space complexity rendering existing graph systems ineffcient.

G-Miner mainly provides following features to overcome the above-mentioned problems:

General Graph Mining Schema: G-Miner aims to provide a unified programming framework for implementing distributed algorithms for a wide range of graph mining applications. To design this framework, we have summarized common patterns of existing graphmining algorithms.

Task Model: G-Miner supports asynchronous execution of various types of operations (i.e., CPU, network, disk) and efficient load balancing by modeling a graph mining job as a set of independent tasks. A task consists of three fields: sub-graph, candidates and context.

Task-Pipeline: G-Miner provides the task-pipeline, which is designed to asyn-chronously process the following three major operations in G-Miner: (1) CPU computation to process the update operation on each task, (2) network communication to pull candidates from remote machines, and (3) disk writes/reads to buffer intermediate tasks on local disk of every machine.

User-friendly API:G-Miner provides an user-friendly API to express a broad range of graph mining algorithms, To write a G-Miner program, users only need to subclass two predefined classes, to implement two key virtual functions, init() and update(), for their specific mining problems.

Source Code

You can use git clone or just download zip archive to get the codes. The source code of G-Miner is available here