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Install software using RPM

The simplest way to install software is to put the necessary binaries, libraries and configuration files in the expected locations. RedHat supports a sophisticated software installation method: RPM (RedHat Package Manager). Usually, root privilege is required, because the software locations are using system areas such as /usr/bin, /etc, etc.

Summary of command RPM usage:



Installing licq-1.0.2-3.i386.rpm

rpm -ivh licq-1.0.2-3.i386.rpm

Upgrade emacs-20.7-34.i386.rpm if it is installed otherwise install it

rpm -Uvh licq-1.0.2-3.i386.rpm

Upgrade openssh-2.9p2-1.i386.rpm if it is installed

rpm -Fvh licq-1.0.2-3.i386.rpm

Check if the package apache is installed

rpm -q apache

Get information about the package vnc

rpm -qi vnc

Get list of files installed by the package vnc

rpm -ql vnc

Verify the package apmd is installed

rpm -V apmd

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